No lottery. No sponsors. No bull.

Uberman is the world's most challenging Ultra Triathlon.  The 556 mile course goes from the Mists of Avalon to the Snows of Mount Whitney.  Starting on Catalina Island, participants swim 21 miles in the open Pacific Ocean to the shores of Palos Verdes. The 400 mile bike route leaves the city of Angels and climbs 20,000 vertical feet before descending to Badwater basin, at 200 feet below sea level, the lowest point in North America. From Badwater, athletes run 135 miles  through Death Valley before ascending 13,000 feet to the trailhead @ Mt Whitney, the highest peak in the Continental United States.

The race does not entail thousands of participants vying for a hundred spots. There are no multi-million dollar corporate sponsors. All aid stations and race support crews are provided by each athlete. Uberman is for those unique individuals who want the ultimate challenge, without all the hype. The cost is free. The reward for finishing is infinite.  The 2017 Race starts October 10th. Please contact Daniel Bercu @ 310.994.2694. for details.